Bushwick is home to the largest influx of young professionals and over 2,000 retail businesses. A flourishing artist community has become more visible in the neighborhood. There are over a dozen art studios and galleries throughout the neighborhood.


The Mona Liza Warehouse was built in the 1960s amid several other warehouses within the industrial sector of Bushwick. Their client lists include Rayban, Vogue, Elle and Bazaar Magazine. The Mona Liza Warehouse first opened as a custom furniture house specializing in woodwork and continues to operate as such today. The address for Mona Liza is 23 Meadows Street, Brooklyn NY 11206


Bushwick is home to a growing number of artists, artisan food shops, breweries and much more. Visually it has blossomed into a canvas as artist have taken to the streets to do their work. Bushwick tours take place regularly allowing tourist a guided tours of the most popular street art. Shops at the Loom include the new Bushwick Food Cooperative and the Brooklyn Creative studio focused on DIY arts and crafts. A list of good eats to try can be provided upon request event day.