Competition category information is listed below. Follow the ticket link to purchase competition tickets. Upon checkout, you will be prompted to select the category you would like to compete in. To ensure you have registered properly, be sure to fill out the information requested at checkout.Your competition ticket will serve both as your registration. Each category must be filled to 20 participants in each category to be awarded a cash prize. Competitors and models must be checked in  at least 1 hour before the start of the competition. You may enter in as many categories as you wish.

No prep work is to be done on the models before the competition. All cutting, including the basic haircut must be done during the event.  Each competition has an allocated time and determining rules for qualification. Ticket price will include your model. The competitor is responsible for bringing their own model (included in ticket price), and necessary supplies. They will not be provided by the event.

Cash will be award to the 1st place only, 2nd and 3rd place positions will receive trophy and prices.


12 P.M. Doors open
1 P.M. Freestyle Competition
2:15 P.M. Traditional
3:45 P.M. New York Minute
4:45 P.M. The Brooklyn (Tape Up)
6:15 P.M. Nas


Contestants must complete a signature fade with a half-moon part in 45 minutes. Model's hair on top must have a #3 clip or higher. Contestants will be judged on precision, technique, and cleanliness of the fade and the half moon part. No pre-cuts, no pre-shape ups.  Admission is for competitor and model.


This a freestyle category that must be completed in 55 minutes. Contestants must complete any design of their choosing. Contestants can do anything their imagination allows. Model's hair must not have any pre-haircuts or pre-shape ups. Contestants will be judged on creativity, originality, complexity of the design and overall hair cut. This category will allow enhancements including colors, sprays, pencils and/or fibers. Admission is for competitor and model.

NY Minute

Contestants must complete a skin fade in 15 minutes. Model's hair must be a #2 clip or higher. Contestants will be judged on cleanliness, precision, technique and speed. First contestant to finish will receive additional points. Admission is for competitor and model.


Contestants must complete a traditional cut in 45 minutes.  Contestants must incorporate the use of scissors and clippers; textured scissored cuts are acceptable. Comb overs, parts, pomps and tapers are all examples of gentleman cuts. Contestants will be judged on cleanliness, precision,technique  and overall  finished look and style. No beard required. Admission is for competitor and model.

The Brooklyn (Tape Up)

Contestants must complete a skin tape up in 35 minutes. Model's hair all around must be #3 clip or higher. Contestants have the option to create anything from a tape up with Caesar to a blow out effect. Contestants will be judged on cleanliness of taper, precision, and technique. No pre-tape ups, or pre-shape ups. Be sure to read our rules on top. Admission is for competitor and model.


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